About The Team

KORE Events has been in the works for a few years before it really became KORE Events.

In 2012, KORE started as a facebook page called “Korean Pop Music”. Although the main focus was to get Dutch K-Pop fans to listen to lesser known K-pop music, it was an online place where people could talk about their favorite music.

As the years went by, the group grew immensily. A lot of the new members were from the rest of Europe, which had its perks, but the focus still layed on the Netherlands. This led to “Korean Pop Music” selling K-pop CD’s.

In 2016, KORE was officially registered as a company to be able to sell K-pop merchandise and hopefully, in the future organize events.

KORE had a shop-in-shop in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from 2017 to 2019. But the Hallyuwave grew in popularity and other stores noticed this as well. Because of the competition, the shop had to make way. KORE, the shop-in-shop, had to close in september 2019.

But that wasn’t the end of KORE. A new door had opened when “Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Culture”, better known as Hallyucon, decided to stop their activities in January 2020, after 6,5 years of organizing events.

The board members that wanted to keep going, decided to continue under a different name for a fresh start. Thus, KORE became KORE Events in February 2020.

So let’s (re-)introduce ourselves!

We’re KORE Events and we aim to bring you fun events surrounding Korean (pop) culture in the Netherlands!

By fans, for fans.

To have some insights in what kind of events we’re planning, go here.

Carlo Aarts


One of the original founders of KORE. Started with an online community and made it a business in 2016. Joined the Hallyucon board in 2015. Became a fan of the Korean culture back in 1999 and has not stopped ever since.

Anastacia de Graaff


One of the original founders of Hallyucon and had the role of the secretary. Always been interested in Asian culture due to Indonesian background, but really became a fan of the music in 2008. Being able to study at Sungkyunkwan University for a semester in 2012 really strengthened the passion for Korean culture.