KPOP Bootcamp

Throughout the years we have seen you guys dance, heard you sing, and seen you strut your K-fashion. We have been amazed by your talents! So KORE Events has decided to help you get even better. We figured a masterclass would be cool, don’t you think?

But what would we choose? Singing? Dancing? Korean language? Fashion? Well.. how about a full weekend of masterclasses! We’ll have the best of the best for you.

You can join us for our very first K-pop Bootcamp! A weekend filled with dancing, singing, and learning. But of course, there is time to get to know each other and bonding over Korea, its culture and the food you will be eating.

In addition, we have a little secret for you as well. There will be a Korean celebrity giving a class! Whom might that be? Take this chance to follow your favorite idols footsteps and join us at the K-pop Bootcamp! It’ll be a fun practice that you might be able to put to use in the future. We’re sure of it.

Tickets are not on sale yet, come back later!


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